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“Equality, inclusion, kindness & compassion both on and off the court”

Our mission is to provide a safe & empowering club environment where players, officials, spectators and parents are able to inspire & be inspired to live meaningful & fulfilling lives through physical activity, inclusion & kindness.

Sydney Supersonics 3X3 Basketball Club is based in Sydney and caters for both Women and Men. The club welcomes Junior players right through to Opens, the Elite & Master’s divisions. The Sydney Supersonics teams are able to compete in FIBA3X3 Endorsed events all around Australia which are promoted by CLB3X3 and other 3X3 providers, they also hold local weekly competitions, skills n drills sessions and holiday programs. The club’s pathway also allows teams the opportunity to play on the FIBA3X3 World Challenger and World Tour Circuits.

Sydney Supersonics is part of the Champions League Basketball Group of Companies.

Our Vision


To ensure the sport of 3×3 basketball is accessible & affordable for all Sydneysiders.


To provide an endorsed pathway for all aspiring ballers that includes coaching, competitions, mentoring on and off the court and opportunities to play on the FIBA3x3 circuit and represent your hometown.


By implementing new and upgraded facilities & activations right across the city, we want to Impact the lives of thousands of people through the game of basketball & the Supersonics ecosystem. 

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The Sonics Ecosystem

As a club we firmly believe that basketball is simply a catalyst to help people realise their own potential.

At the Sonics, we believe that the key to succeeding in life is through personal growth & meaningful relationships. The only way to have both of these things is to have a strong body & mind. The kind that provides us with the self-confidence and aspiration to go after what we truly want. This is what the Sydney Supersonics wants to help people to realise.

Through enjoying the sport of basketball: connecting with people, getting out & active, optimising their own mind & body through exercise & connecting with our elite coaching & resources, the Sydney Supersonics Ecosystem will serve as a tool to help those involved with our club to develop as human beings.

At our disposal we have access to some of Australia’s best minds for basketball, personal growth, health, business & general excellence. That’s the advantage of being involved in such a passion driven area (i.e. basketball). As part of the Sydney Supersonics, we will seek to leverage the expertise we have within our networks to help every single person that is involved with our club become the best version of themselves.

This goes beyond just basketball.

Why 3X3

3×3 is a new & exciting form of the game of basketball that we at the Sydney Supersonics firmly believe is a better way to play the sport. 

In parts of Europe, many basketball clubs develop their athletes by playing 3×3 at a very young right up until the age of 14. This is because 3×3 has all of the elements that foster skill development in basketball, simply allowing players to “actually play the game”. For most players this will come as a refreshing change. 

In 3×3 there is on average 3-5X as many shots taken than in a typical game of basketball. This is because there is a 12 second shot clock & two less players on the floor. It promotes a spaced out court & strongly encourages scoring & play with the ball in hand from each player on the court. What this means is that there is usually more actual play happening, which ultimately leads to more fun had, more development occurring, plenty of court time for everyone and happier players. 

3×3 is now an Olympics and Commonwealth Games discipline and was introduced by FIBA, due to it’s ability to bring basketball to areas that otherwise wouldn’t have had access to it. The game is played outdoors, and can be activated almost anywhere, it requires far less space & facilities when compared with the traditional version of the game and is considered accessible and more affordable by many.

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